This doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with diabetes or Jag, but I will throw a small update in at the end. 😉 I’ve been thinking a lot about, and losing sleep over physical and emotional connections lately. Maybe due to the ongoing pandemic, but maybe just due to life? Maybe sharing it with all of you will help? I wonder why some people have a connection (whether that’s physical or emotional) to us while other’s don’t? This thought made me wonder if that’s important? As I’m in the dating world, I think it is, there has to be that chemistry if we are trying to build a romantic relationship (believe me, I’ve done the research), but maybe it happens in those non-romantic relationships, too?

I realize I do have some basis on this type of stuff. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne talks about feeling the way you want to, or desire to, feel, which makes sense and I’ve had some success with that, but what about those connections we can’t dismiss or take up space in our minds? Even change how we allow our feelings or emotions to effect us? Why does that happen? Granted we allow it, but, sometimes, these occurrences come from someone you pass, to a crush, to an ex. What makes them stay with us?

Some of the relationship self-help people tell you to not let people take up space in your brain, but I have to go back, why do they? Further than that, why are some so hard for us to let go? I suppose you technically give yourself to someone you have built a relationship with, but some of those people that “stay” in our brains aren’t always people who with we have a relationship. Obviously, some of it IS emotionally based…But what about the rest? I’m not sure I have an answer, but, maybe, you guys do? Maybe it’s as Brené Brown describes on, we “derive sustenance and strength from the relationship,” or maybe just that person or some people?

All of that being said, it seems like the social distancing pandemic (and our cell phones) may be worse for us than we realize. I have had a serious need to simply be in space with others. When is the last time you have seen someone smile? You can’t see anyone smile with those masks on…although, I do try to do that, but who’s to know if someone sees it? Women’s Health magazine has a title on it’s cover of their September issue referencing how screen time effects us, not that this is a new idea, but when are we going to start listening? I certainly hope we all start coming around.

On the rest of life, I have moved from the Pacific Northwest to San Antonio, TX, my job contract has expired, so I am looking for a new gig. I’ve decided the new gig could be anything from my own business to a part time job to pay the bills or a new contract with my current employer. I am working on updating my real estate license to Texas, and it’s going slower than hoped, but I am also accepting bookkeeping clients and applying for jobs. Something will happen soon!

Jag is well, although, I feel like it’s a bit too hot for him at the moment (it is the dog days of summer). I have researched a couple of swimming spots for him and plan to go see if there’s actually water in them. I think he needs some play time, and it would be nice for us both to have a little space from each other (as much as I love him).

Please leave your input if you have any and I hoe all are staying healthy and socially filled in the current world.


How’s the pandemic treating everyone? I was trying to decide the other day if it was better to be “locked up” with spouses, kids and family, or if it was better to be alone? I have a feeling, even if families are driving everyone nuts, it is still better to be around others. You can look over at your people ans say “What should we do?” As introverted as I am, I have to say, being around others is great sometimes. Aside from the family members who we are stuck with, our friends tend to be like minded people we like to throw through things off of and just talk about our thoughts outwardly and I miss that so much as well. Sometimes, it seems like our brains can throw us into a roller coaster of emotions, and what ifs, and….and…and…you see where I’m going with this, and it’s great to have someone else to get their thoughts and feelings. AND, I’m not much of a touch-er, but a big hug from a great friend sounds great.

With my move finally inching closer, still two months or so out, but still coming around the bend, I’ve had some thoughts as I am looking for a job. I’m working with my current company, to transfer from here to San Antonio, and I’ve been wondering what that great job will look like…it also leads to questions based on the trauma. My contact asked if there was something available, if I thought I could be in San Antonio earlier? Of course I can! This lead to many thoughts though. I WILL be able to do that right? (Well, of course I can.) Do any of you out there dealing with trauma, wonder if you can still do the same job you could before the trauma? I worry that my mind doesn’t work through things the same as it did before the incident. For my future bosses, no worries, I am still apt and able, but I’m so different than I used to be and it takes me a hot second to get my wits about me sometimes. One of these areas I think about a lot is the emotions you experience and control. I feel like after the trauma, it’s much harder to control my emotions. Granted, I am a lot less dramatic or high strung on the whole, I have a hard time processing as quickly as I used to which sometimes leads further frustration.That being said, I was way quick and way sharp before, so I bet most people don’t even realize the delay.

I wonder why it is so hard to get emotions and processes back in check? I was thinking you spend a whole life building those skills. How to manage your emotions, process what others say, quickly work through a situation and all of it’s pieces. Then, all of a sudden, it’s gone and you don’t even realize it was there to start with. How can you get back to that point? I think, you probably probably have to learn it all again, but how do you get back to the situations where your parents showed how to do something, or work through a situation you are dealing with at a younger age? For me, I was thinking I may actually need professional help? I did try to get some, but the guy thought I was crazy for being there. What could possibly be wrong, I’m a well put together, seemingly smart and productive individual, why would l need a psychiatrist? Likely will need to be a nephropathy or trauma related expert? Do any of you out there have any recommendations or experiences to share?

With the move impending, I fell a little stir crazy just waiting for it to be time to be moving day. I wonder if that’s partly due to the pandemic, we are really stuck in our homes, playing with our phones and televisions, or reading books and studying. I hope some of you out there are feeling the want or need to actually play cards with a live person, or sit in the same room and talk about life rather than being on phones playing games all the time. I felt a little unconnected over my phone before all of this, but maybe this whole thing is a wake up call for humanity?

I say that, but being disconnected is causing me to be a bit more disconnected. How is that possible? Maybe, it’s again, due to my introversion, but I was invited to go grab food with a friend last night and pretty much refused. He may be reading this (HEY!), but I just didn’t want to drive an hour to go grab food. Maybe part of it was I was hungry already, but couldn’t I have eaten a bowl of cereal and gone along? I will need to pull myself together because I’m moving to a “new” place where I’m going to have to rebuild my network and remake any friends I have had from the past. Granted, I will have family as well, but we always need those extra human interactions, too. I am prepping my inner extrovert to get out there and get my network in both life and real estate back on full speed ahead.

Speaking of full speed ahead, did you know there’s an F-1 racetrack in Austin?? I’m pretty excited about that, once society is back to to normal anyway. 🙂 Really wanting to get some traveling under belt again, too. Soon enough!

Please leave any questions or comments, or topics you have!

Who decides?

I think the post will be a bit deep today, or this week, as I normally write these on the weekends. I started this blog to take you through training Jag and this is very unrelated to that or diabetes, but I was thinking today about relationships and how they are created, or deepened and thought it would be a fun topic to touch on. Who decides when they go one way or the other anyway? Well, obviously, it’s you and me, but I was thinking, why is it different between wanting a deeper relationship with my neighbor versus someone who lives in the same dwelling? The nature of that relationship obviously effects that decision, I live within someone else’s house, and if I lived with, for example, a significant other or family, that may be a very different desire. At least normally–I know some people are in relationships they don’t necessary want to grow any longer, with both family and significant others, we’ve all been there. Part of that desire may also be what we are looking for, a companion, a friend, love, a business partner?

This week, my family and I, on my Dad’s side, have partaken in zoom meetings. Thank you, quarantine, this has not really happened in the past…EVER. So it’s pretty cool and it has lead to more communication between us as individuals, too. Is that connect there simply because we are family? I don’t think so. My neighbor’s aren’t family, but I’d much rather have a meaningful conversation with them than my housemate. In my case I think it has something to do with understanding of others, the connection you share, and how your energies or personalities interact. For example, my family has understanding of where I came from and my point of view whereas my housemate does not, and we don’t have a real connection currently or historically. I think we sometimes forget this aspect when we are creating friendships, partnerships, or love relationships. When the other person doesn’t understand where you are coming from every thing seems to fall apart. Granted, it’s a two way street, but for either person, understanding seems very important even if you don’t always agree.

Maybe the amount we decide to put in is part of it, too. Thus the egg salad. When I make egg salad, and lots of other things—ranch dressing, soup, meat seasoning—I don’t normally measure anything. The end result can be good or bad. Sometimes the egg salad is REALLY good, whereas other times, it’s only so so, or not good at all—maybe too salty or spicy. It seems like relationships are like this too, whether that is good or bad. When I cook egg salad and it’s not that great? I eat it anyway, although, I may not share it with others!

Unfortunately, relationships are not that simple. While I was drumming this article up, I was thinking, relationships are also kind of like writing. I like to write and I’ve always thought it would be cool to write a novel, but how do you go from short blog to full on novel? It’s so much material and what if the ideas or story line runs out?? Is that what happens in relationships with others? We no longer want to to share the story or don’t know where to go next. Sometimes, yes. Sometimes meshing lives just doesn’t work and we have to find other connections, even if we still share a connection with that other person. Maybe because we don’t share that historical reference I mentioned above, we have a hard time understanding each other even when we disagree. I think we always hold onto that connection once it’s created, it makes us who we are, but severing that direct connection is not fun. Even if it may be necessary.

As far as my housemate goes, although she would say she doesn’t need personal connection and isn’t needy, I find she may be unknowingly looking for that connection in me, and I’m not necessarily looking for that, or wanting to provide that in return, for whatever reason. We each get to decide on our own piece of the puzzle. I want to provide the resources to the relationship, or I don’t, or can’t.

On the last blog, I wrote about the bike shoes which I have found! I even got on the bike, but it seems like my bike stand or trainer is running weird, it’s rubbing on something. I am thinking this week will be purchasing a new one since I don’t have the tools to adjust or fix it (I got it on Craigslist), especially since this will be my easiest way to exercise before I move south and it always works in the rain. 🙂 I’ve gotten about 40 hours of real estate classes done at this point and my new goal is to get about 10 hours per week completed. Pretty cool you can adjust goals. I fell off the grateful train for a few days, but have picked it back up. Do you guys find that you create a habit which gets forgotten sometimes. I do this often, but am trying to stay on top of those forgotten habits. A friend of mine reminded me to get my workouts in last week, so I can check that off the list, but need to make sure I can keep it up myself while doing more with meditation. I started the image/vision board which I will continue (are they really ever done?). Still need to talk to my boss, but I will do that during May. Onward and upward! Please let me know your goals are going and if you have any input.


I know this is all we are hearing about right now, but it is effecting our lives in so many ways, isn’t it? I’m not a huge social person, I often would prefer sitting and reading a book or hanging with a close friend, we don’t even have to talk but just being in the same space together sometimes is nice. That’s what this quarantine has brought to realization for myself and others I think. I used to like to go get a burger–and sometimes–a beer, maybe take the dog, and just be around people, but the quarantine has pretty much put all of that to a halt.

So what has changed? For me, I have gotten more in tune to myself, especially after the trauma. Before the trauma, I pretty much ran on full all the time, but I have noticed after the trauma, I run with a lot less stamina. Many days, I would tell myself, well, it’s because you are working 40 hours or more and driving 10 hours a week. it’s okay to be tired. This is true, but I have noticed something else since I am able–thank goodness–to work from home during this debacle, I have days when I’m still tired or don’t feel like my brain is quite right. I think this is still a stamina thing, but my activities are so limited and I have become so in tune with myself that I can see I am tired because I worked a long day yesterday, or work up earlier than usual, or slept poorly. Sometimes, it’s something really minor which is the important fact here, those of us who are dealing with trauma, or diabetes or just plain stress should make sure to give ourselves a break. I think we are always so focused on doing so much, we forget about the importance of ourselves, let alone our significant others and family! I hope everyone is using this time to do that–more on this below.

When we started this pandemic, I thought the whole things was a little wack. Come on people, wash your hands and go to the doctor if you aren’t feeling well. I even went on a flight to home because I thought it was all a tad silly. That being said, there is a fear for the time when there aren’t any doctors or hospitals that have a bed or the equipment you need. I haven’t gotten sick, but the worry and anxiety that is effecting everyone is effecting me, too. Not only am I on the high risk list as a diabetic, but my immune system is way below standard, and it has been freaking me out a bit. Maybe you guys are dealing with this too? I am not sure how smart it is to really go anywhere in public if I don’t know people and their health. I have really stopped going to the grocery story and get it delivered instead, but should I worry about that too? I don’t think so, but stop for a minute, what if the random person who is dropping off my groceries touched someone who is sick? The risk is there.

I have come to another realization or decision during the quarantine with help from my mom. I need to be closer to family. My goal with that is to get my Texas real estate license class complete, setup another placement with my company, and move to San Antonio by July. I still need to have the, not so pleasant, talk with my supervisor, but I think this will be the best next step for me. Hopefully by July people will be looking to hire or place again, in Texas, and things have calmed down a bit regarding the quarantine.

How many of you guys have been crazy productive? I worry that I am not as productive as I should be. Sure, I am working 40 hours, or more, per week, keeping the house clean and taking all my vitamins, but I don’t feel like I am working out enough. There are a few other things too. Have you set any goals for yourself? I am going to share some today in hopes it will spur my activity and keep me honest. I plan on working out 3-5 times a week (which means finding my bike shoes–maybe something I will have to replace with my stimulus check?), writing down 5 things I am grateful for each day (already on day 6), meditate each day (on day 18 already), create a current vision board (if I can get my hands on some poster board) and finishing 8 hours per week of my real estate class. Wish me luck and hope you all are making goals for yourself too!

I’d like to interject a side thought, do you guys feel like you’ve been inundated with media input and emails? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the number of emails has drastically increased.

Remember: Don’t forget to wash your hands, and, for goodness sake, stay out of the public if you aren’t feeling well. Leave us any of your thoughts or goals, and send me a PM, I’d love to hear them!


I have a ton going on in my life right, don’t we all? I finally passed my real estate exam and have three interviews in the last week–one which I cancelled–I’ll explain more in a second! I’m also looking for an apartment so I cut the commute to work and possibly thinking I may move to another state in the long run. I know, I’ve been trying to get a job for quite some time now, but I was text chatting with my Mom wondering if I should move back to Montana. She had a great point, maybe Montana isn’t the right step, maybe it’s somewhere like Texas where the economy is worlds better for a working woman like myself, rather than this area of Washington (the Seattle area–if you willing to be there–is booming) or Montana or somewhere like New York where my favorite uncle lives. That all being said and after I had made this revelation, there is an amazing job which will almost double my salary which got posted, so I will apply for that see where it leads with the expectation I will be looking to move toward the south sometime in the future.

I reached out to my Dad who notified me that Texas has one of the BEST economies in real estate and it’s not far behind on a whole as a state. This makes me think, maybe I should have stayed after graduation from college?!? Well, hind sight, as they say. What’s more, is my dad has a successful real estate business and help me learn the process even better. Based on this and depending on how my relationship goes with us living apart, I am going to start building my real estate prowess here in Washington and start researching what it may look like for me to move south again.

On the “right now” spectrum, I really need to find an apartment in the Mount Vernon, Burlington or Bellingham area if you have you tips, I’d appreciate them. I’m hoping that process will be done within the next 4 weeks, if not sooner. I don’t know why, but it’s like I just have to change everything every once in a while, although, if this happens, it will take some time. Maybe this change will bring me more of what I’m looking for this time [my network both family and friends, career and financial success, and maybe some of the extras too 😉 ]. Wish me luck and I’d love to hear any input from you guys.

Binaural Beats

I have been a bit obsessed with getting quality sleep since the incident since I started having trouble sleeping, staying asleep and getting restful sleep and, beyond that, I was reading some research about how restful sleep helps the brain heal. I brought this up with you guys when I started using Somaderm, and in all actuality, it has really helped, but I still feel like my sleep should be more restful and healing. I was thinking on ways to get even more restful sleep which reminded me of a tip I got from one of my tenants back in the day.

Have you guys heard of binaural beats? It’s a crazy cool philosophy which states when different frequencies of sound are heard by the brain, the brain then creates a third frequency between the other two creating a different brain wave and the related effects. This alternate effect can induce lucid dreaming, intense relaxation, focus or any number of other brain “states” for which you may be looking. has a really helpful website on how the process works and what different frequencies help with here.

Let me know if you guys try it. I’d love to hear more about it through here or even in an email if you don’t want to share with everyone. A last note, I saw the brain doc again and was talking to him about bringing more vibrancy and positive energy into my world. You’d never guess what he recommended….EXERCISE. No joke, for those of you feeling a bit off with life, or after brain trauma, try adding intense exercise to your DAILY routine and see how it makes you feel. Another non-prescription medication, which helps mood is St. John’s Wort but make sure to always use a consistent brand to ensure stable amounts. For those of you with severe depression, or are a little more down, you may need actual medication, but you’d obviously need to talk to a qualified professional about that as I’m not qualified to prescribe anything, just offering alternatives to your daily routine!

Do you mind if I stay?

Sometimes I don’t have a great thought on what to write on here, so I wait until I do, but this week I have a thought for you all. Have you ever been at the doctor and had some other person, usually a doctor in training, ask if they can stay in the appointment? What are your thoughts on this?

I had this happen at my last appointment and said no, which lead me to think, what if we don’t have the gumption to say no? Then we are forced to have some foreign person listen to our medical story, which we may not be willing to disclose to another person. What’s the solution? Obviously they have ask if you mind, but sometimes it is hard to say you do when they are right there.

I’ve had this happen at OBGYN appointments, psychiatric or counseling appointments, and diabetes appointments. Some really person things can happen in there…Again, they always ask, but maybe there should be a different methodology such as a questionnaire or having the reception desk ask or maybe as simple as asking before you are face to face with that other person.

This last one happened at my brain chat appointment, so it probably wasn’t a big deal to have some foreign person in there, but I said to them both, I’m not even really sure I’m in the right place, let alone that I want to share my thoughts with some other person I don’t know. IDK, maybe I’m silly, because it’s all things I discuss here, but I do have other pieces of my trauma, and thoughts on it, that I hold close. Maybe it comes from my ego, because I don’t want an additional someone to judge my thoughts and feelings. I’m not sure, because I do share with all of you and ask for your judgments!

While writing this article, I thought, maybe it’s how I communicate? It’s easier to read and speak to one person without the added input? Maybe that’s part of it. Unless I’m pretty close with someone, I tend to hold my cards pretty close, so adding another individual to a situation where I’m “just getting to know” someone makes it a little harder to be direct and honest. Not that I would lie at a doctors appointment (or anywhere–I’m a terrible liar), but I may not be willing to disclose as many details or push further.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the additional doctor in an appointment question–even if you think I’m crazy!! 🙂

What’s up with our food?

Lately I haven’t been feeling great. I haven’t been able to identify exactly what is that is causing it either. My assumption has been that I have allergies, however, I felt like even this should go away after a while right? I have thought maybe something else is causing a reaction or maybe something I already know about like dairy or gluten? I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to find out, but these feelings and some gloominess have been causing me to look around at some new potential ideas and resources.

Before the incident, I was a major meditator and exercise fanatic, and have fallen out of both habits since then. Lack of both of these things can probably add to my overall sense of well being…so, I recently saw a psychiatrist to chat about my brain function after trauma, and he mentioned a few things: meditation, diet and exercise. Seems pretty obvious right, but how many of us let life get in the way of self-care? Knowing all of this, I still have been having a REALLY hard time starting the mediation habit back up. I saw the doc about two weeks ago and just meditated today (FINALLY). I will give myself some credit, I was also trying to utilize a new method I found after reading Vishen Lakhiani, founder of‘s, novel Code of the Extraordinary Mind. He mentions the Six Phase Method which he created and has shared with many people. I finished Phase 1 today and am pretty excited to move on to Phase 2 and 3.

I must plug here: is something I have been a member of for quite some time, but I have become a bit less involved in recently. When I logged in, I was reminded of all of the interesting things they offer, Speed Reading, Vibrational Energy, LifeBook, and so many others. What a great resource!? I will say many of these classes are offered as Master Classes you can try and then have to pay for the full class, which I can’t normally afford, as awesome as they sound!! They also offer refunds after a trial period if you don’t like or use what you learn. While I was checking out the Six Phase Method, I saw the Evolution of Health and Fitness offered by Eric Edmeades. Awesome, not only was health and diet a topic in the novel, but these are the areas I need to work on after talking with the brain doc.

Again, I can’t afford the full class at the moment so I don’t have all the secrets he offers in WildFit, but what Eric Edmead started with is still pretty awesome. I am assuming his diet plans are Keto based, but that’s just an assumption based on what came up when I googled Eric. If that’s true, I may add our natural KetoGen4 product through NewULife to my life! Eric’s number one tips is no chemicals and keep your eye on sugar the food manufacturers hide in the products we eat. Make sure you are questioning the marketing around us and reading labels!!

His second tip is no sugar. Check out Eric’s master class on for free, where he explains all of the sneaky names food manufacturers give food and explains the truth that sugar is an addictive poison which has been marketed as all of our best friends. This is an obvious for diabetics, but the incidence of diabetes has been increasing for both Type I and Type II, and, as I have written about before, Type II is now effecting children. What else? He mentions that obesity is seven times more likely to cause health risks than smoking…! Seriously.

Eric’s next tip is that we as people became who we are with seasonal eating, which means eating what’s around and in season during the season those products are at their best, rather than anything and everything all the time. He also talks about the different types of hunger. For example, did you know when you are thirsty your body will tell you to drink because we used to get our fluid through the juice in fruit. We would eat food to extract the water from it. Knowing the types of hunger helps us to address what our real needs are to keep ourselves from needlessly eating. He also makes a great point of many of us being obese because we are starved of nutrients. So we aren’t hungry, but because we don’t get the right, or enough, nutrients we are technically starving ourselves to death. If you’d like any help or resources on this let me know.

Getting back on track for me is going to take some work…and I think that’s true of many of us, if we take the time to stop and look at ourselves. I have been find it’s really easy to just eat what’s around. Here’s a great example: I shouldn’t and normally don’t eat gluten or dairy, but when I got home the other night my boyfriend had gotten fried chicken (so bad for you) and seafood salad. Neither of these are in my diet, but I ate it anyway. I don’t even have a good reason why, because both make my belly upset and, likely, cause me to be irritable and grumpy, too. I need to make sure to address my dietary needs without doing these kinds of things!

Updates on some of the other topics I’ve written about: Still no job…I am still looking though. Somaderm is going well and I even got a score of 83 for sleep on the FitBit recently. That’s way better than my normal average of about 70!! Message me if you have questions on this awesome product. I am going to use my amazingly extraordinary mind to send out positive energy and make my job and new healthy lifestyle happen, AND be grateful for it!!


How many of you guys out there are job searching? How do you feel about the search engines and availability of jobs? In my area, I am close to Seattle, which would be amazing if I wanted to live in Seattle. Seattle is pretty awesome. However, I don’t for a few reasons: I like living outside of the hustle and bustle of big city life, it’s expense (!), and I have my people and network outside of the city. However, while I’ve been job searching, it’s like the job search sites don’t offer a great search engine. They either don’t allow you to limit some areas or they provide jobs that are in the large population groups (Seattle, Everett, Marysville, Arlington even Mount Vernon) rather than the smaller ones (Coupeville, Anacortes, La Conner or Oak Harbor).

The funny thing is, I know the technology is out there. If you use an app such as Zillow, you can pick a specific range and search that location. Job searching? No way. Set aside location and even some of the job titles aren’t terribly accurate. Maybe some of you app creators our there can offer some assistance to these job search engine websites?? I suppose the job posters don’t want to pay the added expense of coding and push the filtering to job searchers, but don’t you think having jobs more applicable to applicants is going better your applicant pool?

On a totally separate note, how many of you diabetics out there categorize yourself with a disability? Have you tried to become “disabled?” I’m not looking to be a victim here, but there’s a job opportunity available to those with disabilities and I am thinking as diabetics, we are disabled in some ways. I’ve never categorized myself as disabled and often refuse to answer the question, however, do any of you have experience with this?

Something good is coming!!

Hey everyone. It’s July, the best month ever!! I don’t have a ton of new information but wanted to update some of the items I have touched on. First of all, new benefits started July 1 at work. That’s awesome, as we have some better plans available compared to last year. Are any of you guys seeing that sort of benefit?

I’m still job searching. I’m hoping a new job comes through though! I have two outstanding opportunities, one is with a staffing firm who offers temporary assignments to their full time employees. Sounds like a pretty good gig because you get the change from temporary opportunities with the commitment of a direct hire opportunity. We will see what they say.

The next opportunity is with the county I work in as an assistant director. I am really interested because it’s with the Public Works department which is a huge interest for me. Many of you may not know this but I started my college career as an engineering major, and this would bring a lot of that interest back into focus. I’m really excited, and was surprised, they called for an interview. I am very excited though and will blow their socks off!!

Last, but most definitely not least, my successes with Somaderm are going great! This homeopathic, FDA approved HGH get, that doesn’t require a prescription gel is amazing. I am very happy with my results so far. I am seeing my muscle tone come back (and I haven’t increased my work outs), my sleep is better, even my REM sleep has increased (!!), and I have more energy. Even more? They just released a press release that was completed by a third party explaining the safety of the product which is available here. Remember, results may vary and this is just my success, but I’d love to hear about your successes if you’ve tried the product. Let me know if you’d like to learn more here or by email, and I will send you more information.

Engage in prosperous pathways to health.

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